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Chris Porreca

This is Chris P. The essential tracks, all in one playlist.


Creative Marketing Strategist & Marketing Operations denizen.

'Fair-weather' surfer, astro-photographer, post-rock guitarist & synthwave enthusiast.

Chris P navigates the (sometimes stormy) waters between Sales and Marketing unifying them through Enablement, Data Strategy and Storytelling.

Winner of the 'Best Alignment of Sales and Marketing' Oracle/Eloqua Markie award and the Forrester/SiriusDecisions 'Return on Integration (ROI)' award.

Why Spotify?

Why I want to be a part of the band.

Spotify: Video

Essential Chris P

Me as a team-member, as a person and my life-story... so far.

Spotify: Video



Markie Award

Best Alignment of Sales & Marketing in Europe



The Future of Sales & Marketing Data Strategy

A Visionary Data Strategy Role Built on Data Leadership (PDF)


MIT - Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation

1 of 4 Completed:
1. Platform Strategy:
Building and Thriving in a Vibrant Ecosystem



Past Experience, Career Focus, Proficiencies & Skills (PDF)

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